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通常,一般来说,常常在像别人解释一件事时会用到 as a rule 这件事并不是突然产生的,而是早就有着这么一个传统,或者规则。


As a general rule, all forms of activity lead to boredom when they aare performed on a routine(常规)basis. As a matter of fact, we can see ...

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A. general 通常的,普通的,正常的


as a rule of thumb 根据经验;一般说来 As a rule of thumb, if a virtual application pattern meets the needs of your application, then it offers the most value to your organization. 一条重要原则是:如果某个虚拟应用程序满足您的应...


一句there be 主系表,as 原因壮从 二句 there be 主系表,rules后but前定从修饰,but后主系表,倒三行that定从修饰freedom,倒数5行which are

D.such 去掉逗号还原句子是There are no man-made rules for such games as golf and football as there are 这是原文 Mountaineering is a sport and not a game. There are no man-made rules, as there are for such games as golf and footb...

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